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Establishing a National Park (Civ6)

When a Naturalist is selected, the suitable locations for a National Park are highlighted.

In Civilization VI, National Parks represent the new environmental drive of your people in the Modern Era. They work as a sort of special Tile Improvement, which covers much more land than normal improvements, and provides a boost to Tourism6 Tourism and Amenities6 Amenities.

National Parks are designated by a special Civilian unit - the Naturalist. They can only be established on a cluster of four contiguous hexes that meet the following requirements:

  • The tiles must be Natural Wonders, Mountains, or a tile with an Appeal of Charming or better.
  • All four of the tiles must be owned by the same city (that is, be in its territory).
  • The tiles must form a vertical diamond shape.
  • No tile can have an improvement or a district on it. Roads are permitted, though.

A National Park's Tourism6 Tourism output is equal to the total Appeal of all the tiles included in the park.

Creating a National Park will also give your civilization extra Amenities6 Amenities. You will receive 2 Amenities6 Amenities in the city that owns the park and 1 Amenities6 Amenity towards the 4 closest cities in your empire.

Strategy Edit

Establishing National Parks could turn into one of the greatest challenges in the game, because of their special placement requirements (I remember that once I spend the better part of 50 turns looking for a suitable place). However, the result is well worth the effort, especially for players pursuing a Cultural victory. The combined Tourism6 Tourism output of a single Park could range from 8 (if all tiles have the minimum Charming Appeal of 2) to more than 24!

The key to establishing Parks is, as with everything else in this game, planning. You should mark the areas where in the future you would want to establish Parks, and avoid constructing Districts on them (because they canot be removed, once placed, unless the parent city itself is destroyed). Furthermore, you should avoid placing Appeal - diminishing Districts nearby (Industrial Zone, Encampment, Airport and Spaceport), and conversely - try to build Appeal-raising Districts (Holy Site, Entertainment Complex, Theater Square). You can also plant Woods to raise the Appeal, both near and on the tiles. You can build improvements, but know that you will have to Remove them eventually.

Prime locations for establishing Parks are Natural Wonder tiles - they are automatically considered valid, and they raise the Appeal of nearby tiles, thus helping them achieve the minimum requirement. It is interesting that, when designated, these Parks receive the name of the Natural Wonder itself (something like 'Yosemite Valey National Park), which is very much like real life!

Another good location are Mountains, especially long vertical chains. In these, you will have most of the tiles valid allready, and you will just need to include them in the territory of a nearby city. Remember that you will always need on non-Mountain tile, from which the Naturalist to activate the Park; this tile will have to be at least Charmingly-Appealed, and without any sign of civilization, though.

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