Ulrik Svensgaard
Ulrik Svensgaard (SMAC)
Captain of the Nautilus Pirates
Nautilus Pirates (SMAC)
Name Ulrik Svensgaard
Rank Captain
Position Unity Astrogator
Country of Origin Gloucester, MA, USA
DOB 03-28-2018
Height 189.2 cm
Weight 94.6 kg
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Faction CharacteristicsEdit

  • -1 EFFICIENCY (Individualistic mentality opposed to central organization)
  • -1 GROWTH (Culture does not place high emphasis on family)
  • Free NAVAL YARD with discovery of Doctrine: Initiative: (Skilled shipwrights)
  • Enhancements may be built in ocean and trench squares with the discovery of Advanced Ecological Engineering: (Trained for life at sea)
  • Sea colony pod & sea former prototypes FREE: (Advanced oceanic technology)
  • Bonus mineral from ocean shelf squares: (Culture and technology adapted for the ocean)
  • Marine Detachment ability FREE to all naval combat units upon discovery of Adaptive Doctrine
  • Aggression Erratic
  • Priorities Power (Values)
  • Starting Tech Doctrine:Mobility, Doctrine:Flexibility
  • Agenda Pillage and burn
  • Aversion none

Leader's quoteEdit

"The sea ... vast, mysterious ... and full of wealth! And the nations of Planet send their trade across it without a thought. Well, the sea doesn't care about them, so it lets them pass. But we can give the sea a little hand in teaching the landlubbers a lesson in humility." -- Captain Ulrik Svensgaard, "The Ripple and the Wave"

External linkEdit

Official site's profile of the Nautilus Pirates and their leader.