Nutrients are used to expand the population of bases.

Each population unit require 2 units of nutrient to be maintained. Any extra enables population growth.

There are various ways to obtain nutrients.


Rainy areas are found on west of mountains.

The Monsoon Jungle and the Freshwater Sea squares provide an extra +1 Nutrient.

Xenofungus produce no Nutrients at the start of a game, except for the Gaia's Stepdaughters faction that gets a +1 bonus.

Nutrient production increases by one with the discovery of Centauri Ecology.


By terraforming, nutrient production can be increased through farms, soil enrichers, forests, kelp farms, condensers and even by raising mountains.

Condensors increases rainfall on arid and moist squares. A river may increase rainfall.

Base FacilitiesEdit

Certain structure can also increase nutrient production: