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Offshore Platform
Offshore platform (Civ5)

Work boat improvement


Refrigeration (Civ5) Refrigeration


+3 20xProduction5 Production


Oil (Civ5)

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An Offshore Platform in Civilization V

Game InfoEdit

Advanced sea improvement. Requires Refrigeration.

  • Access:
    • Oil strategic resource (sea-based)
  • Effect:
    • +3 20xProduction5 Production


The Offshore Platform grants access to water-based sources of Oil and gives a large production bonus to nearby cities. Constructing it requires one Work Boat.

Historical InfoEdit

The offshore platform is an important late-game improvement as it provides access to the highly prized oil resource, but only when that resource is in the ocean (workers construct wells to access oil that is on land). Work boats are consumed when they construct an offshore platform.

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