Orbital Spaceflight
Orbital Spaceflight (SMAC)
Tech stats
Short quote Return to space
Rank Discover 6
Requisites Doctrine: Air Power
Pre-Sentient Algorithms
Leads to Advanced Spaceflight
N-Space Compression
Base Facilities Sky Hydroponics Lab
Secret Projects None
Unit Advances Planet Buster
Conventional Payload

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I have often been asked: if we have traveled between the stars, why can we not launch the simplest of orbital probes? These fools fail to understand the difficulty of finding the appropriate materials on this Planet, of developing adequate power supplies, and creating the infrastructure necessary to support such an effort. In short, we have struggled under the limitations of a colonial society on a virgin planet. Until now.

-- Col. Corazon Santiago ,"Planet: A Survivalist's Guide"

Miscellaneous effects

Diplomatic Proposal: Salvage Unity Fusion Core,