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Oslo is a maritime city-state in Civilization V. Maritime city-states give food to your cities when you befriend or ally with them.

Game InfoEdit

After the release of the Danish DLC civilization, Oslo became a Danish city and was replaced with Quebec City in patch

Musical Theme Inspiration: Mitt hjerte alltid vanker by Hans Adolph Brorson

Architecture: European

Civilopedia entryEdit

According to legend, Oslo was founded by King Harald Hardrada (or Hardråde) of Norway in 1048, but archaeological excavations show that some urban settlement at the site preceded that date. The first King of Norway did not reside in the city until much later, sometime in the early 14th century AD, when it became officially regarded as the capital city of the country.

Unfortunately (as medieval cities were wont to do), Oslo was destroyed several times by fire in the coming centuries, and in 1624 King Christian IV ordered the city rebuilt at a new site across the bay; the city was also renamed Christiana in honor of its new founding. Christiana was a local center of commerce, but its importance declined while Norway was a part of Denmark, during which its growth slowed to a halt. After the two countries separated in 1814, Christiana grew into the largest city in Norway (overtaking Bergen), as the newly founded University of Oslo helped to fuel the population and economy. The city's name was restored to "Oslo" in 1925.

Growth in the city has remained a source of contention, as the citizens fight both growing up (with skyscrapers) and out (destroying the local farming and fishing communities). The last century has seen a grand increase in the economy and industry of the city, and Oslo now is home to some of the world's largest maritime shipping companies. Oslo has also recently gained the dubious honor of being the most expensive city in the world to live in, as space for apartments grows to an even higher premium.