Pacifism drone riots from building aircraft (SMAC)

When playing with the Free Market social setting, you gain a significant economic boost, allowing you to research technology faster. The downside is that if you move any military unit out of your territory, whatever base it is supported from, will have drone riots. Sometimes even creating a military unit, as the armored needlejet shown the screenshot above, will cause drone riots for an otherwise happy base the moment it is completed, even though it hasn't moved anywhere.

To prevent this you can alter how much energy you put in Psych in your Social Engineering menu. Recreational Commons and other base facilities won't do any good against Pacifism. Changing a worker to a doctor helps somewhat. Remember, you don't have to eliminate all red angry citizens to prevent drone riots. Press F4 and see if any of your bases are listed as red, to know if they are going to riot still.

You can also exploit a bug by moving a military unit to the base of a faction you have a pact with, and then clicking to support it from there. You still own the unit, and they don't pay anything to support it, it just listed as being supported from there. So no more protest from angry pacifist, and you also don't have to pay a mineral to support it from any of your base.