Paris is a city in Civilization. Paris is the capital of the French Civilization; their color is Purple.

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The site of what is now Paris was a part of several civilizations before it became a French city. Around c.200 BCE There was a Celtic settlement in Paris that was located on the Isle of France in the Seine river. However the Celts are not one of the 14 playable Civilizations in this game. In 52 BCE, the Romans conquered the area where Paris would eventually be built. It remained under Roman control for a few centuries until it was conquered by Germanic tribes. It remained under Germanic control for centuries until finally becoming a part of what is now France, around the 10th century AD. Paris has been a part of France for over a millennium. In fact, at the chronological end of the game in 2100 AD, France and the French people will be about a 1135 year old Civilization.

Game PlayEdit

In the Earth scenario, Paris is Located in the north of France, on the coast. This means that the player who controls the French can build naval vessels, and send them out into the ocean. In real life, it would be impractical for a large naval vessel such as a Battleship to travel down the River Seine. Regardless, this should be used to your advantage. Paris is the only French city that can be built in France but not on all French land on the earth, in the Earth scenario. Due to the small scale of the world map, all of France only measures 7 tiles wide. Other notable French cities were Algiers, Algeria which included Tunis, Tunish in its radius. After Algiers there was Dakar, Senegal, Ant. Madagascar at some point after 1830 and lasting util independence in the 1960s. Cairo and Alexandria Egypt were also controlled by the French in the 1790s briefly just before Napoleon came to power.

It is advised that you send your second starting Settler into the Iberian Peninsula, annexing it. The Iberian region only measures 9 tiles wide its larger than the 7 tiles wide of France but its still too small to control multiple cities per nation like Canada, USA, Russia, and Australia, so there are relatively few city locations to choose from in this 9 tile Iberian region. There is no land bridge's to Africa; the only way to cross is by boat, because the civilizations of Babylonia ,Egypt and Greece block the land route. After about 3 or 4 turns Paris can build a Military a unit Usually a Militia but sometimes a Horse Rider or a Phalanx. The game player should send this Military unit to what is now Poland or Belarus this would be another region that would be good for a future location for a city. Depending on weather the civilizations of Russia or Rome are in the game the strategy will revolve around trying to gain a foot hold in the regions between Moscow and Paris. The Russian Civilization is somewhat more aggressive than the Roman civilization so you might have to send a second Militia to this region if Russia is present in order to build your 3rd city in this location. If this force is not large enough then 2 militias and a Phalanx should do the trick.