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Party Leadership is a Level 2 Order tenet in Civilization V: Brave New World.

Game InfoEdit

+1 20xFood5 Food, 20xProduction5 Production, 20xScience5 Science, 20xGold5 Gold, and 20xCulture5 Culture per city.

Historical InfoEdit

In an orderly proletarian socialist state, the people have the power; however, even Marx realized that some form of party hierarchy would be necessary for efficient operation of state services and to insure that the proletarian order itself was preserved. For that reason, the Bolsheviks argued in 1917 that a vanguard party of bureaucrats would head a centralized political party that administered the new Soviet Russia. In time, with the spread of the communist revolution throughout the industrial world, the need for a party leadership would wither and it would be dissolved; history proved otherwise.