Pathfinder (Civ5)

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Pathfinder (Civ5)
Recon unit
The Shoshone unique unit. (Replaces Scout)
Game speed
Quick - Regular - Epic - Marathon
20xProduction5 45
20xStrength5 8
20xMovement5 2
20xRangedStrength5 None
Technology None
Resource None
Upgrades to Composite bowman (Civ5) Composite bowman

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Game InfoEdit

Unique unit of the Shoshone civilization. Replaces the Scout. Available right from the start of the game.

  • Common traits:
    • No terrain movement penalties
  • Special traits:


Excellent at scouting and fearsome in combat, the Pathfinders are an incredibly versatile and useful early unit.

First of all, their ability to choose a benefit when entering Ancient Ruins gives you control over what bonuses to development you receive. In the hands of a skilled player, this alone may prove a crucial advantage in the early game! Of course, you have to first find Ancient Ruins in order to use this benefit.

Second, the Pathfinder is also valuable as a military unit. They cost more to produce than a Scout, but also have a much higher combat strength, putting them on par with Warriors. The potential downside to this would be that you can't upgrade them along the same path as Warriors, which would only make them useful early in the game. However, their ability to choose an ancient ruin benefit allows them to upgrade into Composite Bowmen. This guarantees early access to a powerful ranged unit with a promotion to ignore terrain cost. The original Pathfinder will prove itself many times over by continually upgrading the unit along the Composite Bowmen's path.

Historical InfoEdit

Among the Native American tribes of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, some members were trusted as superior scouts, relied upon to carry out critical duties for the nomads. Called by a variety of titles, these "pathfinders" tracked game and enemies, scouted routes for migration, spied on foes and interlopers, and protected the winter encampments. So skilled were they that the armies of the major powers hired them as scouts and advisors, beginning as early as the Pequot War (1637-1638 AD) when the English colonists of Massachusetts Bay were aided by scouts of the Narragansett and Mohegan tribes. However, with the end of the frontier and the confinement of Native American tribes to reservations, the role of the pathfinder faded.


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