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Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry (Civ4Col)
Type Political
Political Points:
1092 Pilgrim
1638 Pioneer
1820 Explorer
2002 Conquistador
2086 Governor
2184 Patriot
2268 Revolutionary

+3 Liberty Bells per Town Hall.

BackArrowGreen See the list of founding fathers

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Lived: 1736-1799

"Give me liberty or give me death!" Lawyer, governor and rebel during the Revolutionary War, Patrick Henry was one of the first to take a stand against the taxation which England placed upon its North American colonies. His inflammatory speeches (some called them treasonous) made a quick star of the young representative from Virginia and painted him as one of the more radical members in a band of radicals. Henry was a major proponent of the Bill of Rights as a balance to what he saw as an overly conservative Constitution and would be chosen for numerous positions once the new government began in earnest.

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