Peninsulas & Deserted Circle (C-evo) is one of the more recent additions to the set of predesigned maps available in the free game C-evo.

At 99% size and with a small proportion of land tiles, it should not take too many weeks to play a good game, because few if any nations will build more than a dozen cities each.

It is designed for the standard 15 players, though there are 18 possible starting positions, which means no two games are likely to have the same distribution of nations.

The map is similar to "Big Interior" but with two nations sharing some tentacle-tips and one island. In places that will lead to extreme difficulty if your capital has only three or four available land tiles after you make peace with your immediate neighbo(u)r, but at least your longboats should be able to find some virgin territory on your side of the continent and maybe a couple more friends for knowledge-sharing.

Terrain includes a few mountain chains (sheltering the ten dead land tiles), no hills or forests or jungles, few rivers, and only a single fish tile and only a single manganese tile. The (initially) "deserted circle" has a 115-tile lake in the middle and is mostly desert except near the water.