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The Persian civilization (modern Iran) included people whose descendants are now also in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It first appears in the Civilization series in Civilization II with a pale blue color shared with Chinese and Americans. Persepolis is the Persian capital.

Civilization II

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One of the 15 possible nations, with a distinctive yellow-brown color.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Persian (CivBE)
Civilization Revolution Persian (CivRev)
Civilization Revolution 2 Persian (CivRev2)
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Civilization: Call to Power Persian (CTP1)
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri‎ Persian (SMAC)

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Civilization IV: Colonization

Future Technology (CivRev)
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Persia is the name of a kingdom located in the eastern end of the Middle East, north of the Persian Gulf. Its residents were Persians, a group of Aryan people who migrated from northern Asia to this area at about 2000 BC. Then they were separated to three groups, Medians, Parsians & Parthians, each of which resided in various parts of the area.

The first empire was built by the Medians, they created a vast & strong nation, it became a moderately strong kingdom, but after a few hundred years, Cyrus the Great, one of the Persians gathered an army and took over the empire. He created one of the greatest, most civilized and powerful kingdoms the world has ever seen. He conquered many lands, including the Babylonians. But Cyrus was a very fair and just leader, he never killed the people of conquered lands, instead he respected their beliefs and made a better life for them.

After Cyrus died in a battle while conquering in the east, his son Kamboudjie took up the throne and he continued his father's path and conquered Egypt. Suddenly he died, and a scandal took place about someone who claimed the throne pretending he was Kamboudjie's brother, but he was found out, and following, one the Persian Nobles named Darius took the throne. He who now is called Darius I or Darius the Great was a very competent man, he was a genius in management and financial matters and soon took the empire to its highest position. He conquered some of the neighboring lands and sent two armies to conquer Greece, but was unsuccessful both times, although he conquered Thracia.

After the death of Darius I, his son Xerxes became the king. He conquered Athens and burnt it to the ground (as revenge for Athens helping a revolt in Darius' time). After he returned, the Greeks soon formed up an army and the defeated the Persians.

After Xerxes the Achamenian empire fell into ruin and became weaker, and at last it was conquered by Alexander The Great, who burnt down Takhte Jamshid, as revenge for Athens. After him his successors ruled Persia as the Seleucid empire, but after about a century of their reign, the Parthians revolted and took over the country. They created another huge and powerful empire, this time their opponent in the west were the Romans. The Parthians gave the Roman empire its first complete defeat (defeating Crassus's army), and stood forever on their way, until a man named Ardeshir Babakan revolted and took over the Empire. He created the Sasanid Empire, yet another powerful empire, who also stood against the Romans for many years.

After 3 centuries, the Arab Muslims attacked the empire, at a time when incompetent kings were in power, and defeated the Sasanids. They spread Islam to Persia, which was well accepted as a better religion, but apart from Islam, the other things Arabs did to Persians were a disaster.

After that many kingdoms were created in this area, but they were never as powerful as the ancient (pre-Islam) empires, the Mongols, the Turks and some other people ransacked the land. Until now Persia (now Iran) has never become as powerful as it once was.