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The Persians are a major civilization. They are part of the 41 playable civs in the default game. They are also featured in the classical age mod that comes with the game. Eventually their civilization was brought to an end during the time of Alexander the Great. It was eventually rebuilt.

Persian Empire ,Small Earth Map

The Persian Empire on the small Earth map.


  • Darius (Classical age mod)
  • Cyrus the great (Default male name)

Persian CitiesEdit

  1. Hyrcania (A region located on the southern shore of the Caspian sea)
  2. Margiana (A region located near the eastern frontier)
  3. Babylon (Located in Mesopotamia)
  4. Persis (Capital region contains Persepolis)
  5. Dahae (A region located on the south eastern shore of the Caspian sea)
  6. Parthia (A region located In between the regions of Dahae and Persis)
  7. Ashur (A city located in Mesopotamia)
  8. Bactria (A region located near the eastern frontier)
  9. Persepolis (This city is the Capital)
  10. Palestine (A region located on the Levant coast of the Mediterranean sea)
  11. Maracanda
  12. Pasargadae (A city located near Persepolis in the Persis region)
  13. Jarmy
  14. Cunaxa
  15. Ecbatana
  16. Antioch
  17. Nineveh (A city located in the Mesopotamian region)
  18. Amon
  19. Sardis
  20. Drangiana
  21. Archosia
  22. Behistum
  23. Susa
  24. Harran
  25. Syria (A region located on the Levant coast of the Mediterranean sea)
  26. Assyria (A sub-region located in the Mesopotamian Region)
  27. Elam
  28. Carmania
  29. Salamis
  30. Aria

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