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Philip II (21 May 1527 - 13 September 1598), known in Spanish as "Felipe el Prudente" ("Philip the Prudent"), was King of Spain, Portugal, Naples, and Sicily and Duke of Milan. He leads the Spanish in Civilization VI.

In-Game Edit

Philip II's Agenda is Counter Reformer. He likes Civilizations who follow the same religion as him and wants all his cities to follow the same religion. He hates anyone trying to spread their religion into his empire.

Philip's leader ability is El Escorial. Inquisitors can Remove Heresy one extra time. Combat units have a bonus of +4 Combat Strenghth against players following other Religions.

Lines Edit

Attacked: You think your army can compare with my armada... with the might of my empire? You are grievously mistaken.

(Ja ¿A que esto es absurdo? ¿Nos estáis declarando la guerra? .. Jeje ¿Acaso ignoráis el poderío de la armada invencible?)

Declares War: You have been judged for your sins. And now you will expiate it! .. May God have pity on your soul.

(Se os ha juzgado por vuestros pecados. ¡Y ahora los expiareis! ... Que dios se compadezca de vuestra alma.)

Greeting: I am the King of Spain, Portugal, Sardinia and Sicily, Naples, Duke of Milan, etc., but most importantly, I am a devout follower of the one, true religion. I hope for your sake you are as well.

(Nos somos Felipe rey de España y Portugal, pero por encima de todo somos fieles devotos de la única y verdadera religión.)

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