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Plains (Civ5)

Base terrain
Food +1 20xFood5
Production +1 20xProduction5
Gold 0 20xGold5
Culture 0 20xCulture5
Faith 0 20xfaith5
Combat modifier 0%
Movement cost 1
Possible features found Forest, Jungle
Possible resources found Iron, Horses, Coal, Aluminum, Uranium, Wheat, Sheep, Stone, Gold, Gems, Marble, Ivory, Cotton, Wine, Incense, Copper, Salt, Citrus
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Game InfoEdit

Base terrain, found in the central parts of the world.

  • Base yield: 1 20xFood5 Food, 1 20xProduction5 Production.


Plains tiles provide a combination of 20xFood5 Food and 20xProduction5 Production, allowing cities to produce buildings and units more quickly as their population grows. They can also contain a wide variety of strategic and luxury resources.

Historical InfoEdit

Plains provide a mix of food and production to a nearby city. A city surrounded by plains will grow more slowly than one in grassland, but it will be far more productive.

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