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Planet is what the living organism that dominates the planet is called. In earlier scripts it was called Chiron.

Its fungus acts as a giant brain. It can control all forms of native life, using them to attack any who upset it.

It begins to speak to the colonist after a certain time period, and gains understanding of them over time.

Planet as a Society Effect(link) represents your society's sensitivity to the ecology of Planet(link). A low score indicates that ecological damage will occur more quickly. A high score allows you to capture native life such as mind worms(link).

-3: Wanton ecological disruption; -3 fungus production

-2: Rampant ecological disruption; -2 fungus production

-1: Increased ecological disruption; -1 fungus production

0: Normal ecological tension

1: Ecological safeguards! Can capture native life forms

2: Ecological harmony! Increased chance of native life form capture!

3: Ecological wisdom!! Maximum chance of native life form capture!!

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