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Policy Cards are a new game-play mechanic introduced in Civilization VI. As you progress through the Civics Tree you will gain Policy Cards which can be placed into Policy Card slots in your Government. Different Governments have different policy slots, meaning that you may only have so many of a certain type of card.

Policies have concrete effects for gameplay. Some increase your cities' Civ6 24x production Production, while others generate more wealth, and still others help create a more effective military. There are no right or wrong policy choices in the game, and one policy may be better for a given circumstance than other, or better suit your personal playing style. Try them out and see.

There are 4 types of policies, each of which may be slotted into a corresponding slot in a given government. Slotting these individual policies will give you the benefits described and enhance your game. These policy card types are:

  • Military Civ6Icon Military Policy (Red), based around combat, unit production and maintenance.
  • Economic Civ6Icon Economic Policy (Yellow), based around gold, production, other yields.
  • Diplomatic Civ6Icon Diplomatic Policy (Green), based around diplomacy and city state relations.
  • Wild Card Civ6Icon Wildcard Policy (Purple), based around Great People points.

While a Great Person Policy may only be housed in a Civ6Icon Wildcard Slot Wildcard slot, a Wildcard slot may also house any other Policy card type (Military, Economic, Diplomatic). Thus it functions as a sort of Jocker slot where you may fit any card that you wish.

Note that Policy Cards's effects are often directed at a particular Era or Eras; this means their effect becomes obsolete when you advance further. WIth continued Civics development, you will eventually unlock other cards with similar effects, directed at more advanced Eras. When this happens, the old cards are removed from your deck.

How to Gain More Policy Card Slots Edit

Because of the bonuses provided by Policy Cards, it would be wise to try and get all the slots you can to get as many active cards as you can. You can increase your amount of Policy Card Slots by doing any of the follow:

  • Changing to a better Government - When you start the game, you are in a chiefdom with only 2 slots, but as time goes on you can adopt new forms of government with more slots (2, 4, 6, 8).
  • Playing as Greece - "Plato's Republic" Unique Ability grants 1 additional Wildcard Policy Slot.
  • Playing as Frederick Barbarossa - "Holy Roman Emperor" Unique Leader Ability grants 1 additional Military Policy Slot.
  • Building Alhambra - Grants 1 Military Policy Slot.
  • Building Big Ben - Grants 1 Economic Policy Slot.
  • Building Forbidden City - Grants 1 Wildcard Policy Slot.
  • Building Potala Palace - Grants 1 Diplomatic Policy Slot.
  • Using the Adam Smith Great Merchant - Grants 1 Economic Policy Slot.

If you use all of the possible ways stated above, it is possible to get a max of 14 Policy Card Slots (as you can not play as Greece and Frederick Barbarossa at the same time).

List of Policy Cards Edit

These are separated by type, and ordered by the civic timeline you would gain them.

Military Edit

Economic Edit

Diplomatic Edit

Great Person Edit

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