Polytheism is a fairly early technology in Civilization games, first seen in Civ2, where it allows the elephant unit and is a prerequisite of Monotheism.

Civilization II

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Civilization III

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Civilization IV

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The first civilization to research Polytheism will found Hinduism.

Other games

Polytheism is not present in (or the article has not been created for) the following games :

Game Article
Civilization VI Polytheism (Civ6)
Civilization: Beyond Earth Polytheism (CivBE)
Civilization Revolution Polytheism (CivRev)
Civilization Revolution 2 Polytheism (CivRev2)
Freeciv Polytheism (Freeciv)
Civilization: Call to Power Polytheism (CTP1)
Call to Power II Polytheism (CTP2)
C-evo Polytheism (C-evo)
FreeCol Polytheism (FreeCol)
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri‎ Polytheism (SMAC)

Not in the following games

It has been confirmed that Polytheism is not present in the following games :

Civilization V
Civilization IV: Colonization

Future Technology (CivRev)
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Polytheism is the belief that the world and the environment is ruled or controlled by a number of different gods or divinities. Many ancient religions were polytheistic, notably those of the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Norse, and the Romans. Often, polytheistic religions have different gods for each force of nature and earthly phenomenon; for instance: a sun god, a moon god, a god of thunder, a god of the forests, and so forth. The reason for such diversity in divine beings probably stems from ancient civilizations attempting to find explanations for natural events they could not understand.