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Firaxicon 2014 News & AnnouncementsEdit

Firaxicon 2014 - Will and Dave
The Great Mistake Revealed! (Kind Of)
The exact nature of Civilization: Beyond Earth's "Great Mistake" has been the subject of much debate since being revealed as the game's cryptic backstory, and that ambiguity was absolutely deliberate, lead designers Will Miller and David McDonough said during a Firaxicon panel devoted to the catastrophe
Firaxicon 2014 - Ville and Lena
Firaxicon Kicks off with a talk from Lena Brenk
Greetings from Baltimore, MD! Firaxicon kicked off this morning with an interesting presentation from Lena Brenk, Civilization: Beyond Earth's lead producer, who discussed the challenges of accurately portraying the wide variety of cultures in the Civ. Because the game is rooted in multiculturalism and its audience is becoming increasingly international, Lena and the rest of Firaxis work hard to maximize immersion for players everywhere
Firaxicon gandhi
Share Your Favorite Civ Moments!
The games in Sid Meier's Civilization franchise make for incredibly memorable moments, whether extraordinarily frustrating or exhilarating. To commemorate Firaxicon 2014, we want you to share the unforgettable episodes in your Civ history!