Pre-Sentient Algorithms
Pre-Sentient Algorithms (SMAC)
Tech stats
Short quote Computers on the verge of self-awareness
Rank Discover 5
Requisites Advanced Military Algorithms
Leads to Fusion Power
Probability Mechanics
Orbital Spaceflight
Base Facilities Covert Ops Center
The Hunter-Seeker Algorithm
Secret Projects None
Unit Advances Polymorphic Encryption

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Begin with a function of arbitrary complexity. Feed it values, "sense data". Then, take your result, square it, and feed it back into your original function, adding a new set of sense data. Continue to feed your results back into the original function ad infinitum. What do you have? The fundamental principle of human consciousness.

-- Academician Prokhor Zakharov ,"The Feedback Principle"

Miscellaneous effects

Improves Probe Team morale.