Probe team (SMAC)
Skimship probe team (SMAC)
Destroyer probe team (SMAC)


  • After each successful use of a probe team, it levels up.
  • Higher levels of probe teams, have a greater chance of success, even when the base targeted has improved security.
  • Once its level is high enough, it can gains three move points, instead of two.
  • When moving from one conquered base down the road to an enemy base, the extra move point is very helpful.
  • When using Free Market you will not receive any penalties for probe teams being away from base, unlike regular military units.
  • Different factions and social engineering settings will affect how powerful your probe teams are, and how vulnerable you are to enemy probe teams.


  • Probe teams can convert units or bases, although this is ridiculously costly.
  • Probe teams can infiltrate the datalinks of a base, allowing you to forever view their base garrison, military nexus, base information, research goal, etc.
  • Probe teams can steal technology.
  • Probe teams can destroy a base facility.
  • Probe teams that attack the headquarters of their enemy, can assassinate prominent researchers. That means that the research points they have on whatever technology they are researching is reset. Example, it says they have 4 of the 6 turns required to finish researching Social Psych, and you assassinate their scientists, then its now 0 of 6. Note, once you capture or destroy a headquarters, no other bases become headquarters(this may be a bug), so it doesn't work anywhere else.
  • Probe teams can infect a base with a genetic virus once they have the required tech researched. This kills half the population, and weakens the units within. This is an atrocity.
  • Probe teams can cause a drone riot.

Whenever you do an action against a base, you have the option of trying to frame another faction. This is a good way to get your enemies to fight one another.

Defense againstEdit

  • If a base has a probe team in it, then it will detect and fight the enemy probe team when they attempt to access the base.
  • If you have regular military units on the road outside your base, you can see an enemy probe team coming. If it tries to move around you off the road, it'll use its movement turns doing that, before its close enough to get to your base. You thus have time to get to it, or move something else in front of it to block it.
  • The secret project Hunter-Seeker Algorithm destroys all enemy probes teams that try to probe you, unless they have the Algorithmic Enhancement in which case it does not destroy them, only lowers their success rate.

Additional things that affect itEdit

  • The secret project Net-Hack Terminus gives +1 morale to all Probe Teams, reduces cost of probe team actions by 25%, and all probe teams with Fusion Reactor or higher automatically get Algorithmic Enhancement.
  • The secret project Telepathic Matrix gives you +2 Probe Team morale.