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Production and ShieldsEdit

Shield (Civ3)Shields represent common raw materials in the countryside and the labor required to make useful materials from them. In essence they are a measure of Production. The shields a city produces are used to complete its current project, which may be to build a military unit, city improvement, or wonder. When the production box is full of shields, the project is finished, the box is emptied, and a new project must be started.

  • Some cities lose shields to Corruption.
  • Shield production depends upon the terrain within the City's radius, because citizens laboring there produce shields. When the City Display is open, you can see what the citizens are producing.
A citizen working Produces this many Shield (Civ3) If mined
Grassland 0 1
Outcropping 1 2
Plains 1 2
Hills 1 3
Mountains 1 3
Tundra 0 1
Desert 1 2
Forest 2 cannot be mined
  • Note that some Resources provide bonus shields as well.

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