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Qin Shi Huang (260 BC - 10 September 210 BC) was the first Emperor of China and the founder of the Qin dynasty. He leads the Chinese in Civilization VI.

In-Game Edit

Qin Shi Huang's unique agenda is Wall of 10,000 Li. He dislikes Civilizations who have built more wonders than him.

His leader ability is The First Emperor. China can spend a builder charge to complete 15 % of the wonder cost for Ancient/and Classical wonders. Chinese builders receive an additional charge than those of other civilizations.

Lines Edit

Agenda-based Disapproval: You look at me, you see how vast my empire sprawls, how thriving we are both culturally and militarily. And what does your empire have? (汝觀寡人,疆域之廣,文武之盛,而貴國何有乎? / Rǔ guàn guǎ rén, jiāng yù zhī guǎng, wén wǔ zhī shèng, ér guì guó hé yǒu hū?)

Attacked: You have asked for war and I will give it to you.

Declare War: How dare you enrage the heaven's might! I will send a great army, desecrate your ancestral shrines, eliminate your people. I swear I won't restrain them! (敢犯天威, 寡人將發大軍,毀汝宗廟,滅爾人民,誓無遏抑! / Gǎn fàn tiān wēi, guǎ rén jiāng fā dà jūn, huǐ rǔ zōng miào, miè ěr rén mín, shì wú jié(è) yì!)

Greeting: You've come today. Is it possible that you want to view the scenery of the mountains and rivers in the State of Qin? I am the ruler of Qin. (今汝之來也,豈欲觀秦國山川之勝? 寡人乃秦之主也。 / Jīn rǔ zhī lái yě, qǐ yù guàn qín guó shān chuān zhī shèng? Guǎ rén nǎi qín zhī zhǔ yě.)

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