R-35 tank (CTP2)

Standard R-35 tank shown guarding the Maginot line in the year 1940.

The Renault 1935 is a French tank that the nation of France had deployed during the opening of World War II. These tanks were very fast but they were small and could not hold as many troops as their S-35 cousins. These tanks are best used as scouts to probe areas to see if there are enemies nearby and return to re-group. If there's an entire stack of these tanks grouped they can do extreme damage to a German tank division, but it is not recommended because their tanks were designed primarily as offensive tanks. R-35's were designed as lightly armored troop support.








Great Library Historical data Edit

Though technically advanced, the Renault 35 was handicapped by its poor main gun and its two-man crew.  The R-35 was supposed to serve as a replacement for the FT-17 light tank. By 1940, some 2,000 were manufactured, making it numerically the most important tank of the French Army.