As civilizations comprise of multiple players, they are organized into ranks, each with special powers. They also gain bonus Fame points when a civilization achieves a victory in a given Era. They can move up the ranks by winning medals and promotions.

Lords and LadiesEdit

After joining a civilization, players normally start as mere Lords or Ladies, who have no powers other than being able to propose new Civics. Each of them can use one vote when voting on proposals such as invasions oe civics. The Lords/Ladies comprise the bottom 55% of players in a given civilization.

Dukes and DuchessesEdit

Dukes and Duchesses are the middle 30% of players. They have all the abilities of Lords and Ladies, but get two votes to use on invasion and Civics proposals instead of just one. They also gain twice as many Fame points for an Era victory.

Princes and PrincessesEdit

These are the top 15% of a given civilization. Aside from being able to propose Civics, they can also start votes on invading other civilizations. Their Fame points are not just doubled, but tripled, as are their votes for any invasions and civics.

King or Queen Edit

The very top member of a given civilization is the King or Queen. They have all the powers of the Princes, and gain 4 times as many Fame points as mere lords. They also have five votes on invasion and Civics proposals.