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Rationalism is a social policy tree in Civilization V. In Brave New World, it is available at the start of the Renaissance Era and includes the following policies:

Game InfoEdit

Rationalism improves the ability to use and generate 20xScience5 Science.

Adopting Rationalism will grant +10% 20xScience5 Science while the empire is 20xHappiness5 Happy. Unlocks building the Porcelain Tower.

Adopting all Policies in the Rationalism tree will grant a free Technology. It also allows the purchase of Great Scientists with 20xfaith5 Faith starting in the Industrial Era.

Historical InfoEdit

Rationalism is a worldview that looks to reason (rather than, say, faith) to explain the world. Rationalism believes that reason trumps all other ways of interpreting the world, including any data gathered by one's five senses. This philosophy can be traced back to the great Socrates of ancient Greece, and it enjoyed something of a resurgence during the 16th and 17th century in Europe, when it was explored by men like Descartes, Spinoza, and Kant.

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