Regicide is a game variation introduced in Civilization III: Play the World, and is also called "Short Game Mode".

Rules and GameplayEdit

In Regicide Mode, you start the game with your "King" unit in addition to your original Settler and Worker (and, in the case of Expansionist leaders, your Scout). Your King is portrayed as the leader of your civilization; every civilization has its own unique-looking King based on the historical leader of that civilization. The King is fast but vulnerable, and it is imperative to keep this unit safe, because you will immediately lose by "Conquest Victory" if your King is killed. Once the King of a civilization is killed, the entire civilization is considered to be conquered, and all of its remaining cities are destroyed. This will make "Conquest Victory" games much shorter.

Mass RegicideEdit

Mass Regicide is a variation of the original Regicide Mode. Instead of only one King, there are 7 Kings per civilization to be eliminated before victory can be declared. When the last of the 7 Kings are killed, the civilization is conquered. If you combine Regicide with Mass Regicide, you will have 7 Kings at the start, but if only ONE of the 7 Kings are killed, the civilization is conquered.