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Religion is a returning feature in Civilization VI, but its role has been greatly expanded both in scope and in importance, becoming the focus of a new victory condition. Religion is primarily based around the Civ6Faith Faith stat, which you can gain through various means including buildings, theological combat, and Wonders.

Pantheon Edit

Main article: Pantheons (Civ6)

As in Civilization V: Gods & Kings, Pantheons are the first manifestation of spiritual development in a civilization. Pantheons worship a number of minor gods, usually related to nature and natural phenomena, and provide minor bonuses, usually based on terrain. In a major departure from the previous game, a civilization's Pantheon will not get overwritten by foreign religions converting your cities.

You need to establish a Pantheon as a stepping stone towards founding a full Religion. For more detailed information, as well as list of Pantheon Beliefs, visit the main article.

Establishing ReligionEdit

Creating a Religion Edit

Once a Great Prophet is obtained, a civilization which has already adopted a Pantheon may use him to found a religion in any Holy Site District or the Stonehenge wonder, if it exists. Note that Great Prophets are not obtained through simple accumulation of Civ6Faith Faith! You will need a source of Prophet6 Great Prophet Points, such as a Holy Site. The number of Religions possible is still limited, and is always less than the number of players on the map, so you will need to race the others if you want your own Religion.

As before, players must choose from available symbols for their new Religion; this time there are some custom symbols which may be assigned to custom Religion names. Two Beliefs are assigned initially, one of which is mandatory a Founder Belief, and the other may be either a Follower or a Worship Belief.

All Beliefs are chosen from a common pool, and belong to one Religion only; that is, later-founded Religions cannot choose the same Beliefs. Thus, the more Religions are founded, the less Beliefs there will be to choose from.

Later, you may add two additional Beliefs to your Religion using an Apostle's Evangelize Belief action. This will destroy the Apostle and let you choose one Founder Belief (so you'll need to sacrifice two Apostles to have the maximum number of Beliefs allowed). You may add these Beliefs whenever you wish - that is, there is no time limit to this possibility, and the limited number of Religions that can be created ensures that you will always have some Beliefs to choose from. But of course - the sooner you add the Beliefs, the greater the choice you will have.

Maximum Number Edit

The total number of religions that can be founded is determined by map size, by half the default amount of players plus one:

  • Duel: 2
  • Tiny: 3
  • Small: 4
  • Standard: 5
  • Large: 6
  • Huge: 7

Adding extra players via Advanced Setup will not increase the maximum number of religions. Once the limit is reached, no further Great Prophets may be recruited, and the Revelation policy card will become obsolete.

Special cases Edit

A Religion can only be founded after you have founded a Pantheon, even if you already have a Great Prophet! This is important in the event a player manages to build the Stonehenge wonder before accumulating enough Civ6Faith Faith to adopt a Pantheon, or if he's lucky enough to earn enough Great Prophet Points without a Holy Site, and before the Religion limit is reached (this is possible, since the resource for obtaining a Pantheon is Civ6Faith Faith, while the one for obtaining a Great Prophet is Great Prophet Points). In this case the player will have to work towards a Pantheon first, and only then will be able to use the Great Prophet.

In Civilization VI you cannot capture Great People; this means that you can't capture the Great Prophet of another player and Found a Religion with it.

There is a very special case which may occur with the Arabian civilization, or with any civilization which manages to attract a Prophet without having either a Holy Site or the Stonehenge wonder (yes, it's possible: all it takes is the Revelation Policy and other civs which are utterly uninterested in religion). Namely, they will be unable to Found a Religion! Although this will be extremely rare, it may happen; and you may see this Prophet wondering about, sad and wayward, while the maximum number of religions stays one short. Unfortunately, you can't do anything about it - the game won't let you capture that Prophet, no matter what; and it will be already impossible to attract another Prophet.

Spreading a ReligionEdit

Converting Citizens with Religious UnitsEdit

Religion can be spread with a Missionary or Apostle of that religion, both of which can spread their Religion three times per unit (without any special effects or promotions). A city of a given religion will only purchase religious units of that religion. You can easily tell how many charges they have left based on how many characters are visible on the unit's tile. The strength of the spread is equal to the current Religious strength of the unit x 2. Note that this strength diminishes if the unit is injured. Therefore, it is usually more sensible to heal an injured religious unit before using it to spread your religion.

Once more than 50% of the Citizens convert to a particular religion, it becomes the city's dominant religion.

Religious Pressure Edit

After converting to a particular religion, the city starts exerting religious pressure for this religion, and may use its Belief benefits. Thanks to this pressure, left on their own nearby cities will eventually also convert to this religion. The amount of Religious Pressure your cities exert decides how fast or how far your Religion will spread. If there is, however, another religion which also exerts pressure over these cities, the two will start competing, converting Citizens at the same time. Eventually, the religion with the stronger pressure will win and convert the other city.

The amount of religious pressure on a particular city for a particular religion depends mainly on the number of nearby cities exerting pressure for it.

Theological Combat Edit

The final, most dramatic way to spread a Religion is when the agents of two different religions clash in a contest of faith. For more information on this most interesting new feature in Civilization VI, check here.

Religions Edit

There are twelve default religions in the game, and some leaders have a preferred religion that the AI will choose:

Religion Leaders that prefer this religion
Buddhism Hojo Tokimune
Catholicism Catherine, Frederick, Jadwiga, Pedro II, Philip II
Hinduism Gandhi
Islam Saladin
Eastern Orthodoxy Peter
Protestantism Harald Hardrada, Teddy Roosevelt, Victoria
Taoism Qin Shi Huang

In addition to the above, there are also twelve icons for "custom religions" for which a player will be asked to type in a name. The AI will never found a custom religion; if they have no preferred or theirs is already taken, they will randomly choose from one of the default religions.


Beliefs are the practical expressions of the divine powers. Similarly to Pantheons, they take the form of gameplay bonuses. However, unlike Pantheons, they work only in the cities which follow their particular Religion!

There are four main types of Beliefs in the game. When founding a religion you must choose a follower belief, followed by a belief from one of the 3 remaining groups. Evangelizing your religion with an Apostle (up to 2 times) will allow you to pick again from the remaining group of beliefs.

Follower Beliefs Edit

These focus on bonuses for the cities that follow the religion, regardless of whether they belong to the founding civilization or not. So, even foreign cities will benefit from Follower Beliefs. These must be chosen upon founding.

Belief Effect
Divine Inspiration All world wonders provide +4 Civ6Faith Faith.
Feed the World Shrines and Temples provide Food equal to their intrinsic Civ6Faith Faith output.
Jesuit Education May purchase Campus and Theater Square district buildings with Civ6Faith Faith.
Reliquaries Relics have triple yield of both Civ6Faith Faith and Tourism6 Tourism.
Religious Community Shrines and Temples each provide +1 Housing6 Housing.
Work Ethic +1% Civ6Production Production for each follower.
Zen Meditation +1 Amenities6 Amenity in cities with 2 specialty districts.

Worship Beliefs Edit

These allow for the construction of special buildings in Holy Site Districts of follower cities, which means that they can also be constructed in cities that do not belong to the founding civilization. These buildings may be purchased with Civ6Faith Faith. Note that each Holy Site may contain only 1 Worship building, which stays there permanently! If the Dominant religion changes later, and the new one has a different Worship Belief, you won't be able to replace the Worship building already existing.

Belief Effect
Cathedral +3 Civ6Faith Faith; 1 slot for religious art
Gurdwara +3 Civ6Faith Faith; +2 Civ6Food Food
Meeting House +3 Civ6Faith Faith; +2 Civ6Production Production
Mosque +3 Civ6Faith Faith Missionaries and Apostles +1 Spread Religion charge
Pagoda +3 Civ6Faith Faith; +1 Housing6 Housing
Synagogue +5 Civ6Faith Faith
Wat +3 Civ6Faith Faith; +2 Civ6Science Science

Founder Beliefs Edit

These bestow bonuses on the civilization that founded the religion. It doesn't matter whether it's your own cities or foreign cities that follow the religion; the bonuses will always benefit only the founding civilization.

Group 1 Edit

Belief Effect
Church Property +2 Civ6Gold Gold for each city following this Religion.
Lay Ministry Each Holy Site or Theater Square district in a city following this Religion provides +1 Civ6Faith Faith or +1 Civ6Culture Culture respectively.
Papal Primacy Type bonuses from City-States following your Religion 50% more powerful.
Pilgrimage +2 Civ6Faith Faith for every city following this Religion in other civilizations.
Stewardship Each Campus or Commercial Hub district in a city following this Religion provides +1 Civ6Science Science or +1 Civ6Gold Gold respectively.
Tithe +1 Civ6Gold Gold for every 4 followers of this Religion.
World Church +1 Civ6Culture Culture for every 5 followers of this Religion in other civilizations.

Group 2 Edit

Belief Effect
Defender of the Faith Combat units gain +10 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength near friendly cities that follow this Religion.
Holy Order Missionaries and Apostles are 30% cheaper to Purchase.
Itinerant Preachers Religion spreads to cities 30% further away.
Crusade Combat units gain +10 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength near foreign cities that follow this Religion.
Missionary Zeal Religious units ignore movement costs of terrain and features.
Monastic Isolation Your Religion's pressure never drops due to losses in Theological Combat.
Scripture Religious spread from adjacent city pressure is 25% stronger. Boosted to 50% once Printing Press is researched.

Religious VictoryEdit

Main article: Victory (Civ6)#Religion

It Civilization VI it is possible to win the game by becoming the most dominant Religion in the world. This is done by having 50% of every extant civilization's cities following your Religion. To clarify, you need to reach 50% of each civilization's cities, and each civilization that you do this with counts as one point towards the victory, so if you are playing a game with only four civilizations and one of them only has two cities, if you convert one of those cities, then you would be 1/3 of the way to achieving this victory, even if the other civilizations have several more cities.

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