Government Civic

Version 3.17
Required technology Constitution
Upkeep Medium
  • +3 Beaker per specialist
  • +3 Happiness in 4 to 6 largest cities, depending on map size

Representation is a government civic in Civilization IV.


Representation provides extra happiness in its adopter's largest cities and extra research from city specialists.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

In a representative government the population elects a number of "representatives" to run the government on their behalf. The representatives serve for a limited time and then must stand for reelection. These representatives form a group (council, parliament, senate, etc.) that determines and implements government policy. In some cases the government may have a monarch at its head, while in other cases there may be a separately elected ruler (as in the United States), or the representatives themselves may elect one or more of their members to be the executive power.