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A research agreement is a joint science program you create with another friendly civilization.

To unlock this option, first you need to research Education, and then become friends with another player. You (or they) can then offer to enter into a research agreement. To start it, both parties must invest a set amount of 20xGold5 Gold based on the era that the more advanced player has reached. After some time, the research is completed and each player receives a bonus to his or her 20xScience5 Science output, consisting of an immediate research points boost. The bonus is calculated as 50% of the median 20xScience5 Science value for all of the technologies the player can currently research. This bonus can be increased by acquiring the Rationalism Social Policy, or by building the Porcelain Tower Wonder.

Note that if you and your research partner go to war with each other, or if your research partner is wiped out, the research agreement is cancelled, and the 20xGold5 Gold you paid is lost.

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