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Resources in Civilization Revolution are any additional item on a terrain, such as Wheat on a plains tile. All resources add a bonus to their tile, which they provide to any city that works them. Most resources can be accessed only after researching a specific technology, though the Indians have access to all resources from the start of the game.

List of ResourcesEdit

Resource Bonus Required Tech
Aluminum Production +4 Mass Production
Cattle Food +3 Code of Laws
Coal Production +3 Steam Power
Dyes Trade +3 Monarchy
Fish Food +2 Bronze Working
Game Food +3 Feudalism
Gems Gold +2 None
Gold Gold +3 Currency
Incense Culture +2 Ceremonial Burial
Iron Production +2 Iron Working
Marble Production +2 Masonry
Oak Production +3 Construction
Oil Production +4 Combustion
Oxen Production +2 Horseback Riding
Rubber Production +4 Automobile
Silk Culture +3 Literacy
Spices Trade +2 None
Sulfur Production +3 Gunpowder
Uranium Production +4 Nuclear Power
Whale Food +4 Navigation
Wheat Food +2 Irrigation
Wine Trade +2 Pottery

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