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Used against mounted units, weak against Grenadiers.

The Rifleman is replaced by the following unique units:

The following units can be upgraded to Riflemen:


Build this moderate-strength gunpowder unit as a counter against mounted enemies like Cavalry.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Two developments in the 19th century made early firearms (such as the musket) obsolete. The first was the invention of a spiral groove, or "rifling," inside the barrel of a gun. Second was the development of the repeating rifle, which could fire multiple shots before it required reloading. The rifle was a better weapon than its ancestors, with much more accuracy over a greater range than the musket and a much higher rate of fire.

Riflemen were first employed in large numbers during the American Civil War. The rifle gave a strong defensive advantage, since riflemen could fire several times while the attackers advanced to within hand-to-hand distance. This was normally enough to hold any position. Riflemen dominated the battlefield until the appearance of armored attack vehicles.

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