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Rise of Rome is a scenario for Civilization III: Conquests.


This scenario puts players in control of Rome, Persia, Carthage, or Macedonia. Celtia, Egypt, Scythia, and the Goths appear as nonplayable civilizations. Due to the scenario's blood feuds mechanic, the Romans and Carthaginians are locked into war with each other, as are the Persians and Macedonians.

The Romans start with the smallest territory, but have three unique units at their disposal: Legionaries, which can build roads and Fortresses and become more powerful through upgrades; Citizens, which are faster than regular Settlers and cost less population; and Garrisons, which have strong defensive capabilities and are good at protecting cities. All of the playable civilizations can produce Heavy Cavalry and Fire Catapults, and can hire Numidian Mercenaries if they have access to Ivory.


The first player to eliminate his or her locked enemy and score 60,000 Victory Points wins.

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