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Rise of Rome is a scenario for Civilization IV: Warlords.


There are five playable civilizations: Rome (Augustus Caesar), Greece (Pyrrhus), Carthage (Hannibal), Egypt (Ptolemy), and the Celts (Brennus).

Unlike in the normal game, each leader gets three traits instead of two. Caesar, for example, is Organised, Creative, and Imperialistic.

You can upgrade your units (e.g. Praetorian I-VII), but the upgrades just give you a powered-up version of the previous unit.


You win by getting "Victory Resources." You start without them, while your enemies each start with one. Controlling a resource gives you 10 points every turn. The player with the most points at the end of the 250 turns wins.

In multiplayer, the scenario works like the normal game, but you can achieve only a domination or time victory.

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