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Roads (CivBE)

Tile improvement in Beyond Earth

Maintenance 1 20xEnergyBE Energy
Required technology None
Yields None
Notes None
A road is a connection between cities, suitable for heavy motorized traffic. An unbroken chain of roads allows units to move more quickly across the map. Additionally, connecting cities to your capital will provide a large amount of 20xEnergyBE Energy per turn.

The basic Road functions like it does in Civilization V: it costs 1 20xEnergyBE Energy maintenance per tile, and gives a city connection bonus. The road visually looks more high-tech if it connects one of the player's cities to his/her capital city.

Advantages Edit

  • Halves the movement cost of a tile.
  • Building a road on a hill or forest tile neutralizes the movement penalty for those tiles.
  • Connect cities to capitals for energy bonuses (related to non-capital city population).