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The Roman Empire is a civilization that showed up in all standard Civilization games. It is located in the Italian peninsula. They created the Colosseum.

Julius Caesar is usually the leader, but in the Warlords expansion pack in Civilization IV you could choose Augustus Caesar as a leader. In Civilization V, Augustus is the sole leader.

The Roman capital is Rome, and they can build cities like Pompeii or Pisae.


The Roman Empire was originally the Roman Republic, spanning much of Europe. The Republic collapsed once Julius Caesar managed to become a dictator. About a year after his death, his great-nephew (and adopted son) Octavian took power with assistance from Marcus Antonius (Marc Anthony) and Marcus Amelius Lepidus. Eventually, Augustus gave up his position, giving power back to the Senate. However, he soon rose to Emperor, rather than an elected official, and the Roman Republic was no more. Soon, it turned into an empire and became one of the most powerful empires in history.


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