Roman Empire (Civ1)

This is a map of the Roman's Civilization on the Earth map from the game. Roman cities are light blue in color.

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The Romans first appeared in the first Civilization.

The leader is Julius Caesar, and the capital is Rome.

Game playEdit

On Earth, the Romans start in Italy, and are often surrounded by other powers. The blue/purple civilization to the north will be either France or Germany, and they may have the Greeks boxing them in too.

Other powers that the Romans may face early in the game include the Egyptians and Babylonians. At least 2 powers will need to be defeated or relocated in order to forge the Roman Empire as depicted in the map at the right. Russians will not appear because Russians and Romans share the same player colour.

Roman CitiesEdit

1. Rome (Western central Italy Tile)

2. Caesarea (Northern Algeria tiles)

3. Carthage (Present day Tunis, Tunisia)

4. Nicopolis

5. Byzantium (Located in between the tiles where Athens and Troy go in real life)

6. Brundisium (South Italy tile)

7. Syracuse (South Italy Tile)

8. Antioch (North of Jerusalem in the Lavant region)

9. Palmyra

10. Cyrene (East of Carthage)

11. Gordion

12. Tyrus

13. Jerusalem (Located in the Lavant region)

14. Seleucia (Alternative name for Babylon)

15. Ravenna (Northern Italy)

16. Artaxata

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S: Replaces Zulu in SNES version