Rome is a city in Call To Power that is built if you are playing as the Romans. It is the first city you build in the game.

Southern Europe (CTP1)


Rome was Founded in 753 BC and remained a part of the Etruscan Civilization until about 509 BC. In 80 AD the Colosseum was built. A few centuries later in 476 AD nearly 1000 years after achieving independence from the Etruscans in 509 BC Rome was conquered by the Barbarians and was ruled by Barbarian civilizations for the next several centuries. Also through the conquest and the eventual alliances with Germany later technically speaking the Barbarians ruled Rome for roughly over 1500 years. By the year 2016 with the exception of the French Civilization at some point during Napoleons reign. Considering that the Franks around the 800s AD were just more barbarians like the Germanic tribes under Odacer in 476 AD.