Rome is the capital city of the Romans in Civilization. On the Earth map its the only city the game player can build in the region of Italy. This forces the game player to conquer nearby regions like Iberia, Central Western Europe, North Western Europe etc. very early on, long before these regions were really conquered by the Romans.

Roman Empire (Civ1)

Rome is located on this map. Its been built in its correct Location.


Rome has a long history of 6000+ years. Rome was the capital of a large, stable empire after several wars of conquest by the Roman civilization. Unlike the real world version of Rome there is a likelihood that Roman civilization can continue after 1815 AD. In real life the treaty that was signed in 1815 ending the Napoleonic Wars officially ended the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was considered the new western Roman Empire. From 800 to 1453 The Holy Roman Empire and the East Roman Empire were contemporaries.

  • 4000 BC Rome Founded. (According to archaeological evidence human habitation of the region of Central Italy including Rome has been occupied by people long before 753 BC).
  • 753 BC Rome is founded according to tradition.
  • 80 AD The Colosseum city improvement is built.
  • 476 AD The city of Rome is conquered by Germanic Tribes.
  • 2100 AD The chronological end of the game.

Civilizations that have ruled the city of RomeEdit

  • Greeks (The Greek city of Cumae was located in the central Italy tile on the game map)
  • Romans (built the city of Rome)
  • Germans (476- Middle Ages).
  • French (Napoleonic wars)