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Russians have appeared since the earliest Civ game and are one of the new nations introduced to FreeCol 0.8.0.


Main article: Russian (Civ1)

Leader: Josef Stalin

Capital: Moscow

Civilization II

Main article: Russian (Civ2)

Leaders: Vladimir Lenin (male) Catherine the Great (female)

Capital: Moscow

Civilization III

Main article: Russian (Civ3)

Color: Brown

Leader: Catherine II the Great

Qualities: Expansionist, Scientific

Starting Advances: Pottery, Bronze Working

Special Unit: Cossack (replaces Cavalry)

Capital: Moscow

Civilization IV

Main article: Russian (Civ4)

Civilization V

Main article: Russian (Civ5)

Civilization VI

Main article: Russian (Civ6)

Civilization Revolution

Main article: Russian (CivRev)

Leader: Catherine II

Emblem: Romanov Coat of Arms

Capital: Moscow

Special Units: Cossack Horsemen, T34 Tank

Civilization Revolution 2

Main article: Russian (CivRev2)


The main article has not been created for (or Russian is not part of) FreeCol


Other games

Russian is not present in (or the article has not been created for) the following games :

Game Article
Civilization: Beyond Earth Russian (CivBE)
Freeciv Russian (Freeciv)
Civilization: Call to Power Russian (CTP1)
Call to Power II Russian (CTP2)
C-evo Russian (C-evo)
Colonization Russian (Col)
Civilization IV: Colonization Russian (Civ4Col)
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri‎ Russian (SMAC)

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