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Catherine, Russia's Representative

From Start A view of the surrounding area
Ancient Age +1 food from plains
Medieval Age New Defensive units receive Loyalty
Industrial Age 1/2 cost Riflemen
Modern Age 1/2 cost Spies
Unique Units Cossack Horseman & T34 Tank

The Russian people represent a civilization in Civilization Revolution.


Era BonusesEdit

The Russians begin the game with a larger than normal view of the areas around their Settler's starting position.

Ancient: +1 Food from plains

Medieval: Defensive units receive Loyalty

Industrial: 1/2 cost Riflemen

Modern: 1/2 cost Spies


Russia is more of a defensive, population booming civilization than most.

Defensive SideEdit

Half cost Riflemen can make you a powerful civ in the Industrial Era, and the Loyalty upgrade can only make an iron defense turn into a steel defense. With your cheap Loyalty Riflemen, you can plug up choke points and defend cities with large numbers of Riflemen armies.

With the half cost Spies you can easily steal gold from rich factions, disrupt the defenses of militarists, disrupt the production of the wealthy city planners, kidnap Great People from the cultured factions and defend yourself from enemy Spies with ease. This is particularly useful for preventing an Economic Victory.

Population BoomEdit

The Russian capital, if founded in an area with almost entirely food tiles, will allow you to take a late game strategy where production and trade are taken from population.

The extra food from plains allows you place more cities in more spots. Not only will you be able to make more Settlers, but you will be able to settle in more areas where other civs would find it difficult to grow.

Building Granaries further enhances food, allowing for +4 food tiles.

This makes a Republic even more of a powerful government in the hands of Russia. In fact, you may want to keep Republic longer than with most civs.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

This section requires expansion.


The Russia represented in the game is the Russian Empire, which included present day Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia. Azerbajin, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and portions of Ukraine and Belarus (both are later including in full after all the partitions of Poland) and Poland.

Both the names Russian cities can acquire and the ruler hint that this is the era Russia is in (though it could also be the Soviet Union, as they shared similar land).

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