The city of Rwanda-Burundi is the main objective city for the Belgians to conquer when the human player has picked the Belgians as their Civilization. This is a relatively small region about the same size as Switzerland. If the Belgians can occupy it in the time limit they get more victory points. The Belgian Civilization is one of the smaller of the 27 players on the map so they only need to occupy Rwanda-Burundi and be able to launch a re-capture of Brussels mission in order to create the stalemate necessary for survival so as not be eliminated from the game.


German East Africa (CTP2)

Here you see Rwanda-Burundi and its location inside of German East Africa.

  • Prehistory to 1880s - Ruled by Neutral Nations civilization
  • 1880s to 1919 - Ruled by German civilization
  • 1919 to 1962 - Ruled by Belgian Civilization
  • 1962 to present - Returned to Neutral nations Civilization