The SDI Defense is a building in Civilization Revolution.

Gameplay Edit

SDIs will halt any incoming ICBMs aimed at your city! Build them if nuclear war is on the horizon.

Civilopedia Entry Edit

The SDI "Strategic Defense Initiative" is a defensive system that attempts to protect a country from intercontinental nuclear missiles. The system relies on satellites and ground-based radar to provide warning of incoming missiles, which it then shoots down with anti-missile missiles. The United States of America is currently working on an SDI system, although missile-interception is providing to be extremely difficult, and many scientists, engineers and politicians doubt that the final product will be worth the effort.

Trivia Edit

  • While most SDI systems involve launching precision missiles to halt a nuclear attack, some researchers theorized using a pinpointed laser to heat an incoming warhead to the point of explosion. Yet due to the speed at which such missiles travel, the precision required of such a machine was more than any modern system could accomplish and the idea has been tabled ever since.
  • The first SDI systems were proposed to defend the United States from ballistic missile attacks by the Soviet Union. With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992, SDI research in the United States was greatly slowed.