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One of ten components of the spaceship, which is used to achieve the Space Race victory type.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The command and control center of the Space Ship, the Cockpit component is the brain of the vessel. Ergonomically designed for the comfort of the pilots, the Cockpit holds all of the advanced navigation and systems control computers necessary for interstellar travel and interplanetary colonization as well as providing for all of the long-term necessities of its occupants. A fully encased component, the Cockpit has no unshielded area, completely encasing the occupants in a protective shell of titanium, ceramic, and an electromagnetic repulsion system to shed unwanted radiation. It utilizes the latest in holographic technology for star chart navigation, heads up displays for a 360 degree range of vision around the Space Ship, and the most advanced sensors available for collision detection and avoidance. The crowning jewel of the Cockpit component, however, is the advanced CAM Computer System, an artificial intelligence system designed to evaluate the potential dangers of deep space flight that may be encountered in the regions that no human has ever before penetrated. The CAM System continually monitors radiation fields and particle positions, judging the best way to deal with any potential threat and alerting the pilots in case of an emergency. The CAM system also helps keep the pilots entertained, having full access to the libraries of the Planetary Party lounge and being the most advanced Chess computer in the known galaxy.

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