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One of ten components of the spaceship, which is used to achieve the Space Race victory type.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Described as the most expensive discotheque and museum gallery ever made, the Planetary Party Lounge is the ultimate in terrestrial entertainment. With a full copy of the Library of the National Archives, including all human data able to be put on disk, the Planetary Party Lounge computers allow the colonists to read books, play video games, holographically browse art museums, and sample every existing bit of human culture from the most sublime to the least savory. Holographic instructional videos exist on all manners of craft and skill, from woodcarving to belly dancing, to help keep cultural traditions alive and archived for future generations of colonists. The finest entertainers from around the world have been recruited to accompany the colonists and keep them happy in their journey to the next star system, and professional masseuses and physical therapists are on hand to see to the pleasures of the body. But the center of social life on board the Space Ship is bound to be the 13 tiered central lounge, boasting a quaint rural pub, a bustling casino, a hip disco, an auditorium and concert hall, a full featured gymnasium with hot tub and swimming pool, and a number of restaurants, both large and small. With so much to do, the colonists and crew aren't likely to want to get back into their Stasis Chambers!

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