Samurai (CTP1)
Attack 3
Ranged Attack 0
Defend 1
Moves 2
Vision 1
Cost 335
Required technologies


Made obsolete by


Other attributes


The Samurai is a unit in Civilization: Call to Power.

Historical InfoEdit

In 9th century feudal Japan, the need for skilled warriors to protect valuable arable land increased. The bushi-dan, or samurai class, acted in this capacity for their masters, such as the shogun, the emperor who "subdues barbarians", or the daimyo, a feudal landowner. They mastered the use of the most current weapons, beginning with the bow and arrow, and eventually learning remarkable swordsmanship. Under the strict forms of military etiquette, the Samurai's honor depended on his loyalty to his master, whether the shogun or daimyo, and would commit seppuku, ritual suicide, if he failed his mission.

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