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In this Civ2 scenario, the Nubians start with 5 cities (one containing the Pyramids) on the southern Nile. They have 31 advances, which puts them a little below the mean; early swapping can improve the advances quite a bit.

Make peace with the Egyptians if possible.

First problem may be the city that owns too many "Test Unit 7" - a type of Settler. Quickly build one back into the city and build new cities with two of them.

Barbarians are the next problem. Don't leave weak defenders in any city. Armor and mechanized infantry can defend against a barbarian stealth fighter but not several at once, so leave your cities empty until you can fill them with at least as many good defenders as there are fighters in sight. It is safe to say "Do your worst" when the Picts, Huns, and other barbarous tribes threaten your empty cities, because they can't enter them - but you have to repeat it about 20 times per plane per turn before they give up!!!. Keep armor and other fast units close to your empty cities so as to deal with barbarian army units, which fortunately have minimum movement points and little strength. The stealth fighters can also be attacked on the ground.

Assume that you will keep the Pyramids, so sell your granaries. Also sell any duplicate "plants": if you have a Nuclear Plant, there's no value in having a Power Plant.

At Chieftain level you can win comfortably, starting by subverting some Egyptian cities. Three barbarian cities in the desert are "Objectives" and fairly easy to capture, so look for them. Research Rocketry early and don't swap anything with the Egyptians after you get it.

New cities in the south can have up to three wheat tiles, so plan carefully.

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