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The Schoolhouse is the most basic educational facility and produces the fewest education points. Assigning a Free Colonist, Indentured Servant, Converted Native, or Petty Criminal to the Student profession here will allow them to adopt the specialization of any Specialist unit in your settlement.


In the majority of the colonies of the New World, education was a paramount concern, not necessarily to aid in the exploration of natural phenomena, but to train new priests. The first university in the New World actually started off as an abbey with just that goal. Most students, however, would not progress all the way through their lessons, instead dropping out after learning to read and write. The tools of education were just as rare and therefore precious as those in any other trade in the New World, often being handed down from family member to family member. Hornbooks, small, handheld pieces of wood adorned with the alphabet were extremely popular in schools in the English colonies, but were soon displaced with the arrival of the printing press. One of the first books to be printed in the New World was a series of textbooks to educate the young.

Civilization IV: Colonization Buildings

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