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Civ6Science Science is one of the main tile yields in Civilization VI. It is used to research developments in the Technology tree.


Science is mainly earned from population and the Campus district. Each citizen yields +2 Civ6Science Science, and Libraries, Universities, and Research Labs yield +2, +4, and +5 Civ6Science Science respectively. International trade yields an additional +1 Civ6Science Science, and Scientific city-states will grant massive amounts of Science (up to +4 Civ6Science in every Campus) based on the number of Envoys assigned to that city-state.


Certain strategic and luxury resources grant Civ6Science Science boosts, including:

Policy CardsEdit

Several Policies also grant additional Civ6Science Science boosts once their conditions are met. These include:


Only two Wonders grant Science bonuses. These are the Great Library, which grants +2 Civ6Science Science, and the Oxford University, which grants +20% bonus Civ6Science Science from every city.

However, Science can also be obtained through natural wonders, of which there are several:

Great ScientistsEdit

Many Great Scientists grant Civ6Science Science bonuses.

Unique bonusesEdit

Many unique improvements, civ abilities, infrastructure, and leader bonuses grant unique Civ6Science Science bonuses.

  • The unique tile improvement of Sumeria, the Ziggurat, grants +2 Civ6Science Science.
  • The unique tile improvement of Spain, the Mission, grants +1 Civ6Science Science if built next to a Campus and +2 Civ6Science Science with the Cultural Heritage civic.
  • England's unique district, the Royal Navy Dockyard, grants +1 Civ6Science Science for every specialist in the district.
  • Arabia's madrasas grant +5 Civ6Science Science.
  • Saladin's leader bonus grants +10% bonus Civ6Science Science output from worship buildings.
  • Peter's trade routes grant him +1 Civ6Science Science for every 3 technologies the destination civilization is ahead of himself.
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